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Do you wish to buy many more buildings per month and grow as a real estate agent or real estate agency? Do you wish to earn more, make more profit and in particular get more pleasure from your task as Purchaser or Manager? Then enquire free-of-obligation at Thys Communicatie about the purchase training courses and purchase coaching for real estate buyers.

Thanks to our years of experience for the real estate sector, we have developed a unique purchase strategy which has been tested and approved by many successful fellow real estate agencies and real estate agents. Discover below how to let your real estate agency grow even stronger with the right purchase strategy and purchase coaching!

Work in a smarter way and increase the revenue on your prospection phone calls to 500%

Do you not like convincing home sellers by telephone to sell their house via your real estate agency? Are you fed-up of making 10 to 20 phone calls in order to get an appointment? Are you jealous of seeing more signs from your competitor in the streetscape? Don’t give up and learn to prospect and make calls in a smarter way, thanks to a guide for prospection and purchase phone calls which has already proven its success for many renowned real estate agents and real estate agencies. Now change up a gear with your real estate agency and enquire about prospection training and purchase coaching by Thys Communicatie!

Sell more and at higher commissions with our 4-success-purchase strategy

The ‘4-success-purchase strategy’ of Thys Communicatie teaches you as a real estate buyer how you purchase many more buildings with the same effort at realistic market prices and at higher commissions, even if your friendly competitors deploy too low commissions. All of this in a way so that you effectively form an added value for your customer, your real estate agency as well as yourself. Discover how our purchase strategy and the figure ‘0.91’ considerably enhance your job satisfaction, your market position and your income.

Curious? Rightly! Contact us now, you will not regret it. Mailing is allowed, apart from that the caller is faster: +32 460 95 85 30.

In (business) life you can achieve all you want, if you want it badly enough and work smartly enough to achieve it! You can do it, we can do it together!

Pieter Thys


De Wase Aquarium & Vijverwinkel

With our previous communication partners, we achieved substandard marketing results and were burdened with heaps of extra work. Since our collaboration with Thys Communications, a lot of work and worries have been taken out of our hands and the results are back on track! Tom & his team's efforts are clearly felt in our business, […]

Jansen Real Estate

I noticed right from the start that they didn't have a typical sales pitch and that caught my attention. At the time, we also really needed help given our limited marketing knowledge. So the fact that they already had experience in the real estate sector was a nice bonus. We were also assured that they […]


During Covid, we noticed that it was necessary for us to focus on online, we were doing this far too little. After searching for a while, we immediately had a good feeling about Thys Communicatie and just like that, we had found our ideal communication partner. Now we have regular meetings once every two months, […]

Viola Interior & Design bv

Pieter is één van de meest gedreven en betrouwbare personen die ik ken en het klikt ook echt goed tussen ons. Iedere keer als ik een meeting met hem heb gehad, treed ik vol inspiratie weer naar buiten.

Web design, Online marketing, Strategic advice


Without Pieter and his team, we would not be where we are today.

Online marketing, Strategic advice

't Hoveniersbedrijf

Inspiring, quick, strategic and result-oriented, that is a great summary of the way Thys Communicatie works.

Webshop, Branding, Online marketing, Strategic advice

Flex Spanplafonds

Just one example, Thys Communicatie does the marketing for Flex Spanplafond. This means that I am free to do the things that I am good in and am motivated to do or the things that bring pleasure.

Website, Online marketing, Strategic advice

immo surplus

Personal tailor-made advice and commitment are at the heart of Thys Communicatie.

Online marketing, Sales coaching, Strategic advice, Real estate marketing

Bezettingswerken Fransen

Marketing and sales are the engine of a company. What makes Thys communicatie so special is that they make marketing and sales work in perfect harmony.

Website, Recruitment, Online marketing, Strategic advice

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