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Thys Communicatie supports companies to achieve exceptional results thanks to strategic advice, online marketing, sales coaching and recruitment. We offer you more than 10 years of experience in supporting the self-employed and small businesses to grow successfully stronger, hereby focusing on, for instance, increasing your leads and margin.


Founder & CEO

The founder and inspirer of Thys Communicatie. His years of experience in online marketing, strategic advice and sales management, along with his unique vision of marketing, ensure real results. Where matters such as leads and margins can sometimes be confusing, he ensures that you can see the wood for the trees. If growing is your aim, he is the person to help you with this.


Chief Operating Officer

Katja is not just co-director and in charge of the marketing department, but also someone who knows the ins and outs of Thys Communicatie like no other. She is a flexible all-rounder with an excellent knowledge of online marketing. Does your company have a problem? Then she will likely know a solution.


Chief Marketing Officer

This cheerful girl from Limburg knows exactly what she wants and she will get that too. “How can you grow as a company in an efficient way?”, is a question which she is concerned with on a daily basis. For valuable tips and experience-oriented advice, she is the right person.


Senior Performance Marketeer

Tom senses the needs of his customers as if it were a gift. He radiates confidence, thanks to both his personality and his years of experience in the marketing sector. Add to this a wide network and feeling for adventure and you have our Performance Marketer for the region of West Flanders.


Performance Marketeer

Isabelle's versatile professional background makes her a real jack-of-all-trades. With a positive attitude and her helpful character, she is always happy to help our customers. In her spare time, she can most often be found at the gym or surrounded by family and friends.


Performance Marketeer

Elise is driven and enthusiastic with an insatiable hunger for results. With a background in content marketing and sales in FMCG, field sales coaching and project management, she definitely does not lack experience. Besides her love for the culinary world, she is also a loyal supporter of football club Club Brugge. Go blue-black!


Performance Marketeer

Yana is a young woman with a very result-oriented mindset. She also has a gentle nature, thinks in a problem-solving manner and is naturally sociable. She also enjoys going to the gym and gets satisfaction from discovering and preparing tasty recipes.


HR & Office Manager

If there is someone whom we can approach with everything, then that will be Luana. On a daily basis, she manages the accounts, our HR branch and makes sure that it remains transparent. She is always discreet, has her feet firmly on the ground and her little son is her ultimate number one.


Online Marketeer & Copywriter

Inventive copywriter with a journalistic background. Not a single language error escapes her critical eye and her speciality is thinking up creative concepts. Advertising on Google and Facebook are also part of her expertise.


SEO/SEA Marketeer

Filled with curiosity, interest in everything to do with figures and an analytical approach, Reinout ensures that your search words deliver results. Whereas he focuses in his profession on specific material, in his free time he has a long list of hobbies.


Art Director & Graphic Designer

She is a jack-of-all-trades. Need graphic design, illustrations or travel tips? Julie is your girl. When she sinks her teeth into a project, she does not let go until she is satisfied with the results. Furthermore, she is a loyal supporter of KV Mechelen, a passionate traveller and proud foster parent of litters of kittens from the shelter.


Graphic Designer

Yunot will always approach his work with precision, but as critical as he can sometimes be for his designs, he can also loosen up completely when among colleagues. No (design) issue is too complex and he is always happy to come up with visually pleasing designs.


Web Designer/Developer


Performance Marketeer

Konstantin always looks at the big picture. His approach is a cocktail of creativity and analytical insight. He himself ran a marketing agency in Thailand for more than three years and likes to bring this experience to his clients. Furthermore, he is a real book lover, especially when the books can teach him something. You can also find him at the gym and who knows, DJing at a party somewhere? (-;

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We focus on the development of a lasting partnership. A fast and personal service is our main focus.

Innovative strategies

Thanks to our experience with SMEs and the self-employed from various sectors, we can take a helicopter view of your company and develop interesting growth strategies for you.

Commercial vision

Sales and marketing are always in evolution. Thys Communicatie closely follows the market evolutions for you so that you receive optimal advice for the commercial vision of your company.

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Thanks to a no-nonsense approach with direct communication, we keep the focus on the growth of your company.

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