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Thys Communicatie gives strategic marketing advice in order to achieve exceptional results with your advertising budget. Thanks to the combination of various types of media (cross-media advertising), which are organised according to a rigid planning, your advertising campaigns will be able to perform better and you will be able to advertise more cheaply.

What does a lead cost?

By means of research of the cost per lead/conversion and marketing cost per sale, we determine the highest scoring and assisting media for you, so that your marketing investments have an optimal revenue.

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Advertise as a winner

Most companies advertise quite classically, they make little difference with competitors in media choice and message. However, many companies have unique services and products, you can play off these exceptional advantages thanks to a good marketing plan. Determine your target and budget so that you have a better idea of what path you choose to reach your target. If your company wishes to grow, you must also think, act and advertise big.

In (business) life you can achieve all you want, if you want it badly enough and work smartly enough to achieve it! You can do it, we can do it together!

Pieter Thys

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