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I noticed that I needed a new website and wanted more project requests/customers, so I approached Thys Communicatie. After a chat with Pieter, there was no longer any doubt: I would become a customer. This was about two and a half years ago and the (customer) requests have never stopped. Pieter is one of the most committed and reliable people whom I know and we also get on really well together. Every time that I have had a meeting with him, I step out filled with inspiration again. Over the years, I have received many valuable tips, not just about marketing, but also the communication with my customers and how I approach them have improved considerably. My company has grown immensely and I have become a better entrepreneur, all thanks to Pieter and Thys Communicatie.

Idries Viola
  • Web design
  • Online marketing
  • Strategic advice
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Personal service

We focus on the development of a lasting partnership. A fast and personal service is our main focus.

Innovative strategies

Thanks to our experience with SMEs and the self-employed from various sectors, we can take a helicopter view of your company and develop interesting growth strategies for you.

Commercial vision

Sales and marketing are always in evolution. Thys Communicatie closely follows the market evolutions for you so that you receive optimal advice for the commercial vision of your company.

Focus on the growth of your company

Thanks to a no-nonsense approach with direct communication, we keep the focus on the growth of your company.

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