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Sales coaching

Selling appears easy, a seller simply helps a buyer to buy. However, in practice, we see that sales has many challenges. Selling is a verb and therefore requires the necessary effort to achieve success.

The Heroes sales strategy of Thys Communicatie is a guide for training your sellers and account managers to sell more efficiently and to plan their/your growth.

  • Hunt
  • Emotionalise
  • Rationalise
  • Offer
  • Encourage
  • Sell

Sales coaching and tips for sellers

For every job, effort is important, for every job tools exist and for every job an optimal approach exists, this is no different for selling. Successful selling is possible thanks to a good sales strategy, the right tools and passion for your product and sales! With the correct support, your seller will be able to conquer every challenge and achieve exceptional results.

Sales strategy

A good strategy forms the basis for success in sales. Nowadays, a sales strategy goes much further than the sales department itself. In order to achieve top results, a commercial strategy is necessary whereby marketing and sales go hand in hand.

When product management, marketing, sales and service aftersales are well attuned to each other, you will have a solid base for achieving excellent sales results. Thys Communicatie comes into action for this, we have almost 10 years of experience in supporting SMEs and the self-employed in their search for more sales, turnover and profit, via sales advice and marketing advice, training courses and coaching!

In (business) life you can achieve all you want, if you want it badly enough and work smartly enough to achieve it! You can do it, we can do it together!

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